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“Advantage India on Alibaba.com” - Delhi

11th August-2012 | Delhi

Seminar Overview

Alibaba.com, the world's leading e-market place for the SMEs, had organised an event in Delhi on 11th August-2012. The attendees of the event were FREE registered members on Alibaba.com, Verified Members of Alibaba.com & Non -Registered members as well.

E-Commerce has become an inevitable / powerful tool for the growth of the SMEs business and with the pace of time and ever changing usage of new technology for business growth, E-Commerce will surely help the SMEs to take their respective business to International level / overseas market.

With the objective of educating the SMEs about the growth of E-Commerce, Alibaba.com team gave presentation on “Advantage India on Alibaba.com”


  • Understanding the Power of E-Commerce
  • Understanding Buyer Behavior
  • Tips & Tricks on “How to attract quality leads” for your product postings on Alibaba.com
  • Opportunity for India on Alibaba.com

In order to empower the SMEs about the E-commerce platforms such as Alibaba.com and the future of B2B, Alibaba.com team gave presentation on:

Introduction & benefits of Alibaba.com subscription -

Key Features of the Gold Supplier Membership (paid Membership of Alibaba.co) are as follows:

  • Exclusive Access to Buyers before FREE Members
  • Premium Company website to attract serious Buyers
  • Gold Supplier status to increase Buyer confidence
  • Real time statistical reports to understand your online performance
To know more about Global Gold Supplier Membership of Alibaba.com, please feel free to contact
Swapnil Auti +91-22-66955255 / e-mail @ sauti@alibaba-inc.com

Please note that Verified Membership on Alibaba.com, is open to:

  • A registered Member on Alibaba.com (FREE Membership)
  • For the time being, the service is FREE for India & United States of America
To know more about Verified Membership / To register as Verified Member on Alibaba.com, please feel free to contact Chetan Pandya on +91-22-66955216 / e-mail @ cpandya@alibaba-inc.com

*Please note that the verified Membership is subjected to the fulfilment of terms and conditions of Alibaba.com by the applicant


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