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Advantage India on Alibaba.com

8th Dec 2012 | Mumbai

Seminar Overview

Extending its focus in the Western Region of India, Alibaba.com, the world's leading e-commerce company, had organised an event in Mumbai on 8th Dec-2012 at their Head Office located at Dadar, Mumbai.

The objective of the event was to educate Indian SMEs about capitalising on export opportunities and highlighting the Advantage India factor on Alibaba.com.

Keeping in mind, the growing trend of ever increasing usage of E-Commerce by the Indian SMEs, the topic for the seminar was “Advantage India on Alibaba.com”


  • Growing “Power of E-Commerce” for SMEs
  • Educating the SMEs about the Buyer Behaviour on Alibaba.com
  • Sharing Tips with the SMEs on “How to attract Buyers” on B2B platforms like Alibaba.com

Introduction & benefits of Alibaba.com subscription -

Gold Supplier is a paid membership for suppliers on Alibaba.com who have a serious interest in doing business with Buyers worldwide.

  • Key Features of the Global Gold Supplier (Paid Membership) of Alibaba.com are as follows:

    Greater Product Visibility
    Showcase key products for up to 8x more exposure in Buyers searches or target preferred Buyers with the invite to – Private Showroom on Alibaba.com
    Premium Company Website
    Create a professional website with over 20 easy to use templates 8 custom pages to help Buyers know your Brand.
    To know more about Global Gold Supplier Membership of Alibaba.com, please feel free to contact
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  • Features & Benefits of Verified Membership :

    Alibaba.com now has launched a new membership called "Verified Membership". With this membership, now Suppliers from India and some regions of US can get a Trust-Seal for business verification and it also gives higher ranking for your product listings on Alibaba.com

    Please note that Verified Membership on Alibaba.com, is open to:
    • A registered Member on Alibaba.com (FREE Membership)
    • For the time being, the service is FREE for India & some other more countries
    To know more about Verified Membership / To register as Verified Member on Alibaba.com, please feel free to contact Chetan Pandya on +91-22-66955216 / e-mail @ cpandya@alibaba-inc.com

*Please note that the verified Membership is subjected to the fulfilment of terms and conditions of Alibaba.com by the applicant

Summary of Alibaba.com Presentation

  • Understanding the Power of E-Commerce
  • Understanding Buyer Behavior
  • Tips on “How to attract quality leads” for your product postings on Alibaba.com
  • Opportunity for India on Alibaba.com


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